November 8, 2023

Ruth & Clinton held a non-traditional wedding at Deroco Cellars in Palisade this past October and it was a stellar day! They came to me explaining that they were conceptually having a wedding at a bluegrass festival…and also watching the partial solar eclipse. If you know me at all, you’ll know that I was immediately all in! We started the day with the eclipse gathering, with all of Ruth and Clinton’s people (and some regular Palisade folks mingling about) watching the eclipse and marveling in the unique moment together. There’s something about an eclipse that is so unifying, and it was a great way to start the day’s festivities.

After the eclipse watch party, the group began to prepare for the wedding ceremony, with final touches being put on the cake, florals, and attire for the couple and their wedding party. Their wedding party was largely their family members, who came with a gaggle of kids that led the processional in a Kids Parade, with streamers and flower petals flung about in celebration. The ceremony gathered around with readings from family, vows from the couple, an exchanging of rings, and finally a special toast. Clinton’s late sister had left a bottle of champagne in his fridge with a note that it was NOT to be opened until she was back to share it. Having never made it back, Clinton and Ruth decided that their wedding day was a special enough occasion to break into her bottle, and the whole group shared a toast to the newlyweds.

After the ceremony was a catered lunch and hanging out on the lawn in the beautiful fall weather. As the evening came, food trucks arrived for dinner and the bluegrass festival began, with much dancing and singing into the night. Take a peek at the highlights from their eclipse and bluegrass festival non-traditional wedding:

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