Couples are one of my favorite things to photograph. Of course, certain parts of the day attract me more than others; I think all of us photographers have our favorite moments to capture! In honor of one of my favorite engagement sessions being featured over on Rocky Mountain Bride this week, I wanted to share some of my other favorite things! Here I want to highlight a few of my favorite moments to capture from your wedding day, and why I think it’s important to make time for certain moments in your wedding day timelines.

A few of my favorite things to photograph:

A touch

favorite wedding photography moments

That subtle moment between the two of you. The moment as the reception winds down and you finally have a second together to relax and realize that you’re officially married. The reassuring touch during the vows.

These are the moments I love to capture. I get to feel like a ninja, waiting to pounce on the perfect moment. And when my couples get to see that moment captured forever in a photograph — nothing fills my heart with more joy!

One thing I like to do for my couples is to create a moment during the day, taking them aside from the festivities. We create a space for them to enjoy one another. It is so important to take a minute together, away from prying eyes and questions and needs and timelines. Just the two of you, together and alone, on your wedding day.


favorite wedding photography moments favorite wedding photography moments

I have yet to capture a wedding day without that small moment between you and your mom/dad. They look at you with pride and nostalgia; admiring the person you’ve become and the love that you’ve found, but disbelieving how quickly time has gone by. I can’t tell you how many stories I’ve heard of mom or dad or grandpa getting sick after wedding, making the photos of their loved one from the wedding all the more cherished by the couples. And the toasts, oh the toasts. Dads tearing up as they give their congratulations and remark at how fast you’ve grown… This is one of the moments that makes me warn my couples — I will cry at your wedding. But don’t worry, I’m really good at shooting through the tears 😉

The First Look

favorite wedding photography moments

Whether you’re doing it traditionally and seeing one another at the altar, or arranging a first look moment before your creative session this is one of my favorite moments of your wedding day. There are few things sweeter than capturing your love’s first peek at you. Their tears or disbelieving joy at seeing their soon-to-be-forever-after is heartwarming, and I can’t wait to show you those photos.

With the unpredictability of ceremonies and spaces, I encourage my couples to arrange their first look in their wedding day timelines. Often this will free up the schedule of the day and allow for more creatives time as well. There are so many creative ways to set up your first look session — but more on that another time!

favorite wedding photography momentsfavorite wedding photography moments

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