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If you have separate ceremony and reception venues, there are a number of things to consider that might not have crossed your mind. Between potential issues arising with your timeline to working out travel scenarios, here’s what to expect and prepare for!


Durango Wedding Photographer | Amanda Matilda PhotographyIf your wedding has separate ceremony and reception venues, you’ll need to accommodate travel time in your plans for the day. You can’t plan for a 5pm ceremony and a 6pm dinner time if it takes guests 35 minutes to get between spaces! Be sure to have a realistic travel time buffered in. This includes between leaving your getting ready space to get to your ceremony, and between portraits after the ceremony to when you’ll be announced at the reception.


Mark & Rae's Ouray wedding at Yankee Boy Basin and Beaumont Hotel | amanda.matilda.photographyYou’ll need a plan for transportation between these venues, too! If there’s limited parking options, you could consider a transportation service to move your guests from one location to the other. Consider how you and your partner will be getting around as well! Will some of your wedding party need to drive you separately? Would it be easier if you do a first look beforehand? These are all good things to consider as you’re planning.

Portrait Locations

With separate venues comes different options for portrait locations. Do you have a preference between venues for your portraits? Do you want some at both places? Where will family photos be done? Talk with your photographer if you want help or input on these decisions – they might have a different perspective to help you narrow things down. Consider again if you’ll be stopping between the venues, how will everyone be getting to and from the locations?

William & Amy at Lake Irwin in Crested ButteHours of Coverage

For vendors like photography, videography, and DJ it is important to go back to that timeline mentioned above. Consider if the travel time between venues will lead to needing more hours of coverage for any of these vendors. Do they charge more for travel like that? What if you need to add just one extra hour? Consult with your vendor team if you see any issues like that arising.


You could take this opportunity to include a cute map on your invitation suites! Help your guests get acquainted with the area and hire an artist to create a map rendition of how your venues fit into the area at large. This can add something unique to your stationery and can actually help your guests know where they’re going!

Hire Help

If this all sounds like a lot, then you might consider hiring a wedding planner. This is exactly what they’re here for! Whether you want ALLLL the help or just a monthly check-in, there are planners and collections out there that will help take the stress off your shoulders and guide you through issues like having separate ceremony and reception venues and more. You don’t have to do it all alone!

Separate Ceremony and Reception Venues? Here's What to Expect

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