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We all know weddings are expensive. You might not think about how much money goes into the wedding for your wedding party though! Dresses, shoes, tux rentals, gifts, lodging and more. Today I’m focusing on your girls – I’m going to be sharing with you five ways to save your bridesmaids money on your wedding.

Five Ways to Save Your Bridesmaids Money | amanda.matilda.photography

5 Ways to Save Your Bridesmaids Money

Five Ways to Save Your Bridesmaids Money | amanda.matilda.photographyDress Options. Letting your bridesmaids choose their own dress within a color scheme allows them to make a choice within their individual budgets. This really takes stress off your bridesmaids! Plus they can pick a dress they love, that they find flattering on themselves, and they might even wear again.

The Shoes. Being flexible with what shoes your girls can wear is another great way to save your bridesmaids money. Some brides tell their girls to wear a certain color shoe, or even a certain type. Maybe you want them all in black flats or everyone wearing red heels. This is a common decision for brides these days, and really helps your group save money and stress less!

Bridesmaids pose with red roses for her Winter Wedding at Two Rivers Winery in Grand Junction | amanda.matilda.photographyGifting. Many brides get their party gifts for being their bridesmaids. One great way to help your girls save money is by getting them useful gifts. Whether you decide you want everyone in matching robes for getting ready, or you gift everyone the jewelry for the day, this is a fun way to get the look you want for your girls without making them pay! Similarly, many wedding party members still feel obligated to buy the couple a wedding gift on top of all the expenses of being in the wedding party. Encourage your party to forego the gifts; their participation as your wedding party is gift enough!

Hair & Makeup. Some brides require professional hair and makeup for all their bridesmaids. One way to help your bridesmaids save money is to not require professional hair and makeup – or to foot the bill yourself. While I definitely recommend professional hair and makeup for the bride, it’s not always necessary for the whole group especially if even one of your girls can do it really well. See if she’ll help any of your bridesmaids who aren’t comfortable DIYing it and save everyone some money.Palisade Wedding | amanda.matilda.photography

Travel. It’s often customary to have bridal showers and/or bachelorette parties with your bridesmaids. If your girls are coming in from out of town or out of state for the wedding, consider encouraging your bridesmaids to consolidate all these gatherings. I’ve seen some brides make a 5-7 day party out of their wedding, with out of state guests coming in days before the ceremony to celebrate these kinds of events with the couple while they’re here. This saves on travel costs (and makes for one heck of a fun week too!)

I hope these tips help you think about the ways to save your bridesmaids money on your wedding and maybe think outside the box to keep your own costs down too! Click here to read more of my wedding planning series or click here to see my wedding work!


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