July 12, 2019

Today I wanted to talk a little about ways to say thank you to your wedding party friends! When Eric and I got married, we did a non-traditional wedding so things weren’t exactly typical. We didn’t stand up for a ceremony with friends at our sides dressed up in bridesmaids dresses or tuxes we rented for them. That being said, we still wanted to thank our friends we did have with us all weekend.

Bridesmaids Gifts: Diamond NecklacesMy way of saying thanks and giving back for all they did for me that weekend was to gift necklaces to my friends, sister-in-law and mothers! Mine happened to all be amethyst, as that’s my ring stone too, but another cute idea is diamond necklaces. I was recently gifted a necklace from Anjolee’s Enchanted Tulip Diamond Pendant line and couldn’t help but think that I should share this beautiful idea with you all!

Your bridesmaids will not only feel loved on the day of your wedding when they open your gift, but they can wear the diamond necklaces and all be matching for the day. Plus they can remember all the fun of your wedding every time they put the necklace on in the future! It’s a really treasured keepsake for your girls. Anjolee offers a wide range of jewelry for all your wedding needs, too, and they are committed to the environment, which I love!

Bridesmaids Gifts: Diamond NecklacesYou could gift your bridesmaids tennis bracelets, incorporate gemstones like I did, or stick with the traditional diamond necklaces like I’m including below! I really love giving couples keepsakes and moments to hold on to from their weddings – from guest books to wedding albums and prints boxes – and being able to document your bridesmaids’ faces as they’re opening these gifts and knowing they get to feel that joy every time they wear that jewelry is just so special. I definitely recommend considering it! (And check out Anjolee for diamond necklaces and more jewelry options!)

Bridesmaids Gifts: Diamond Necklaces Bridesmaids Gifts: Diamond Necklaces

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