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If you’re thinking about getting married at Town Ranch in Crested Butte, you may have some questions. Maybe you’ve seen photos online, maybe you’ve been to the Town Ranch in person, or maybe it’s just one of the venues that came up on a list online. As a Crested Butte wedding photographer, I will touch on everything you need to know if you’re getting married at Town Ranch:

Getting Married at Town Ranch in Crested Butte

About Town Ranch

The Town Ranch in Crested Butte is pretty centrally located in town near the school. What is it? According to their website, “Town Ranch consists of acres of protected open space and productive ranch land. The Crested Butte Nordic Center grooms trails for public use in the winter months. The Event Area with a gazebo is available to rent for large tented events such as wedding receptions.”

What’s Included with Town Ranch?

The Town Ranch can host over 200 people, making it one of the largest wedding venues in Crested Butte. There are restrooms on site, a small parking lot, and if the school isn’t using it there is a large parking lot there across the street. The restrooms host up to 150 people and are plumbed, heated and lit. If you’re expecting more guests than that, additional portable potties are required.

The Town Ranch provides electricity hookups, however they note: “The 20 Amp socket provides limited power. Warning: If you are planning on any of the following electrical systems: DJ, band, heat, multiple strings of lights, coffee makers, etc. you will need to plan on using the 50 Amp outlet and acquire the appropriate power distribution, “spider box.”

How Much Does it Cost to Rent Town Ranch?

At the time of writing this, there are two options for renting the Town Ranch for your event. For a small wedding without use of tents larger than 10’x10′, the single day use fee is a total of $650 including the deposit. For a larger wedding that would be blocking out the venue for the weekend (tents set up and tear down before/after) the three day fee is a total of $1575. Being such an affordable option for Crested Butte wedding venues, this space books up fast!


Because Town Ranch is just that — a ranch — there are a lot of rentals you may need to bring your wedding to life, especially if you’re hosting your reception here as well. This can bring the ultimate cost of getting married at Town Ranch in Crested Butte up from just the venue fee, which is something to consider before booking. Here’s a quick list of things you’ll need to bring in yourself:

  • Tents
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Arch
  • Bar
  • Cocktail Tables
  • Linens
  • Dishes
  • Lighting
  • Heating

Vendors to Consider Before Booking Town Ranch

Because Town Ranch is just an open space ready to create whatever you envision, it is important to think about hiring certain wedding vendors to help. Having a wedding planner to coordinate all the moving parts can be the best investment you make when getting married at Town Ranch. They can coordinate setting up the tents and all the rentals with your rental company, communicate with vendors about what is or isn’t provided at the venue, assist with all the vendors coming and going from the space, coordinate moving rentals from the ceremony to the reception, and so much more. When the venue is so open concept like this, a wedding planner/coordinator really is a huge life saver.

Catering is important to consider at the Town Ranch as well. Because it’s an open space venue, there is no catering kitchen on site or anything like that. You should be sure to communicate this to caterers as you’re looking at the booking process. There will likely be some catering teams who cannot service this space or who charge more because of the nature of the venue.

Your cake baker is another vendor to communicate with. Since there is not a refrigerator on site, it may be wise to see if they are able to deliver the cake later in the afternoon to keep it from getting exposed to the summer heat for too long.

Getting Ready

If you’re getting married at Town Ranch in Crested Butte, you’re almost certainly not getting ready there. Being nothing more than an open field, you’ll likely get ready at a nearby rental home or one of the hotels in the area. Since the Town Ranch is so centrally located, this is pretty easy to fit into the day, but be sure to account for the travel time in your timeline. It also means if you’re doing photos at the venue before the ceremony, you’ll need to figure out a place to hide away as your guests arrive.


The most nearby lodging to Town Ranch are the hotels in town, like Cristina Guesthaus or Scarp Ridge Lodge. Many couples, though, opt to get a hotel block at one of the hotels on the mountain since they are larger capacity. There are a number of vacation rental homes in town, on the mountain, and toward South CB as well, if you’re looking for a lodging space nearer the venue.

Photos from a Town Ranch Wedding

Looking to see what a Town Ranch wedding in Crested Butte looks like? Here’s a small selection:

See the full wedding blog here.

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