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I'm based in Grand Junction, CO and capture the story & scenery of your favorite day. Serving Crested Butte, Ouray, Moab, Aspen and beyond!

As the warm sunlight gently kissed the majestic peaks of Maroon Bells, I met Kelsey and Kevin with their friends and family for a first look and portraits to start their T-Lazy-7 Wedding day. It was a day brimming with anticipation, as the magical scenery outside Aspen set the stage for an unforgettable celebration of two souls intertwining.

Can you picture it? The breathtaking backdrop of Pyramid Peak, standing tall and proud, as if reveling in the grandeur of this sacred union. It was a sight that would make even the most seasoned adventurer catch their breath. And as I stood there, camera in hand, I couldn’t help but marvel at the sheer beauty that surrounded us.

As Kevin walked up to meet his bride, their eyes locked, a huge grin spreading across both their faces, and the world seemed to stand still. The day was finally here, and everything was beginning in this moment!

Kelsey and Kevin illustrated to me that the most important thing about their wedding and how I captured it, was that the vibes be amazing and the photos candidly capture all the fun as it unfolds. They cherish their friends and family, and cared most about the time they could spend with everyone celebrating.

After portraits at the Bells, we ventured to T-Lazy-7 Ranch for the ceremony and reception. The meadow held their ceremony celebration, and the ranch’s Lodge embraced the party afterward with open arms. It was an enchanting fusion of rustic charm and refined elegance, a venue perfectly attuned to the couple’s desires.

As evening descended, the live band took center stage, igniting a celebration that would be etched in the memories of all who were present. The energy in the air was contagious, as laughter and joy filled every nook and cranny of the lodge. The vibes were nothing short of immaculate, a testament to the happiness that radiated from the newlyweds and their loved ones.

And in the midst of it all, I stood there and cherished that this was my job, weaving moments into memories, capturing the essence of love and celebration. Documenting this amazing night for years to come. Kelsey and Kevin, thank you for inviting me to capture this sweet day. Take a peek at some of my favorites that tell the story of their T-Lazy-7 wedding in Aspen:

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