November 20, 2017

There is a lot to cover when it comes to wedding planning. Oftentimes there are easy answers to simplify your planning process, if you knew what questions to ask! Today I’m covering what questions to ask yourself to simplify wedding planning.

Questions to Ask Yourself to Simplify Wedding Planning |

Questions to Ask Yourself to Simplify Wedding Planning

Wine Country Inn wedding venue | amanda.matilda.photographyThe Venue. Below are the top questions you should ask yourself when you’re trying to decide on venue options. There are a lot of beautiful spaces out there, and sometimes it’s hard to know where to even begin! Consider these questions to help you narrow it down:

Where did you meet?
Where are you both from?
What place do you love visiting the most?
What season will it be?
What did you do on your first date?

The Date. Not sure what dates you want to consider for the big day? Think about:

When did you meet?
When is your dating anniversary?
When did you first say “I love you”?
What special holidays are near our special dates?Questions to Ask Yourself to Simplify Wedding Planning |


Wedding Style. There is a lot that goes into the wedding style, from taking cues from your venue, to your favorite colors, to the season you’ll be getting married. Start with these questions:

What colors do you both gravitate toward wearing? (You may both love yellow, but do you want your party wearing it?)
What season are you getting married and what colors/florals come to mind then?
What colors and patterns are prevalent in your venue?
What flowers do you love most?

Reserved for Mom memorial during wedding ceremony | amanda.matilda.photographyCeremony. Songs, locations, and more can make ceremony planning more intensive than you think. Consider:

What songs do you find romantic or meaningful to your relationship?
What quotes from books or movies would you want to incorporate?
For indoor/outdoor decisions, what season will it be and what are your guests up for?
Are there any meaningful unity ceremonies you want to do together?
Will you be honoring anyone no longer with you?

Reception. From drinks to dances, to dinner and the exit, think about these questions:

Sparkler exit at Two Rivers Winery |

What’s “your song” for your partner – and your parent if you’re doing father/daughter or mother/son dances?
What’s your favorite meal to eat?
What bar do you frequent? Is there a specialty drink you want?
Do you share a favorite dessert other than cake?
Will you want to have an official end to the party – and does your venue require departure at a certain time?

Hopefully these¬†questions to ask yourself to simplify wedding planning will get you thinking about the intricacies in wedding planning, but I also hope they help to clear up some indecision that is common during the planning process. You don’t have to have cake just because it’s traditional! Taking the time to ask yourselves what means most to you in your everyday lives can really help you create a wedding day that reflects your personalities and special love you share.


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