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You’ll get tons of advice about wedding planning, everywhere from pinterest and blogs to your grandma and coworkers. There are a few crucial tips that will help set the stage and keep your planning simplified though! Today I’m talking about Wedding Planning Tips to Simplify Your Life.

Wedding Planning Tips to Simplify Your Life | amanda.matilda.photography

Wedding Planning Tips to Simplify Your Life

Email. Create a separate email address for wedding planning. You will use this email to communicate with all your vendors, keep coupon codes and offers in one place, and send wedding details to guests. It gets to be a lot and having a wedding-dedicated email helps keep things so much simpler!

Shop Around. Don’t use one book or blog as the bible of wedding planning. Taking advice from multiple sources helps you weed out things that aren’t relevant or fitting for you as a couple. Every wedding is different, everyone has a different engagement time before the big day, a different style, a different guest count. There’s no need to stress yourself out by trying to fit into one source’s opinion on how to do your day!

Pick One. There are so many binders and books and apps out there for “helping” couples plan their wedding. It can get overwhelming trying to keep up with all of them if you go all in! Pick one binder or one app that you think best fits your planning personality and keep all your stuff in one place. Like the email, this really keeps things simpler for you!

Take Time Off. It’s super easy to let wedding planning become all consuming. You live, eat, breathe and sleep plans. Put those thoughts of cakes, colors, florals and poses aside for a while and focus on your fiance. Making space for date nights with absolutely NO wedding talk with help you stay connected and reduce your stress. You’ll be reminded why you’re doing all this planning in the first place and keep yourself sane in the process!

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