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It’s your wedding week. You have everything lined up, planned, detailed, and assigned. Right?

Okay, so maybe you’re scrambling to make sure every last thing is checked off your list, getting calls from people who haven’t seen you since you were a baby, trying to remember to tell so-and-so to light the candles before cocktail hour, and on and on.

That’s totally normal too, don’t worry!

Today’s post will be touching on a few little things I remind all my couples about before the big day. While the AMP Bride Tribe gets a full magazine of info when they book, I still want to share some great insight with you all to help alleviate some of that wedding week hustle! This post will be all about the getting ready portion of your wedding day:

What to Remember for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day | amanda.matilda.photography

What to Remember for Getting Ready on Your Wedding Day

Your EntourageBride with her bridesmaids lacing up her wedding dress

First things first, you’ll want to consider who you want with you in your getting ready space. Are there any significant people in your life who you want there as you get ready? Anyone special you want in photos helping you do up your dress or tie your tie? Maybe you know you want as few people around as possible. Do you need to have mom or dad at the wings waiting for a first look after you’re ready? You’ll need to make sure all these people know where to be and when so they’re included!

Another important reminder for your bridesmaids (and groomsmen): your party will want to be dressed before you if they’ll be in the photos as you get ready! If your girls or your mom are helping do up your dress or helping you hold it, they’ll want to be photographed in their dress too, so make sure everyone is dressed before you. Same goes for dad if he’ll be helping you put on a jacket or do your pocket square — any little detail like that.

Bride getting her hair done on her wedding dayThe Dress

There are a few things to remember about the dress:Groom doing up his suspenders

First, if you need a crochet hook or a special tool to do the back up remember to pack it in your getting ready bag! Along those lines, it is always good to bring a travel sized sewing kit – just in case. Scissors, safety pins, needles… I have seen all of these save an otherwise dramatic moment!

Second, consider the hanger you’re using. Do you want a flimsy plastic or metal hanger in your photos? While I’m able to take a beautiful photo of your dress still on its original hanger, a wooden hanger will add a significant touch to those detailed photos of your dress on its own. I recommend to all my couples that they consider swapping out the hanger on their dresses to enhance their photographs!

Bridesmaid getting ready at a weddingThe Details

When I shoot a wedding, the whole day begins with the details! This is one of my favorite parts of the day because it allows me to focus on the little things, see what matters most to you on one of the most special days of your life, and it helps warm up my creativity for the rest of the day. I ask my couples to gather any details they want photographed the week before so as you remember things you can stick them all in a neat box to hand to me as I arrive. This goes for the guys too! I love to capture your watch, tie, boots, cufflinks, etc. If the guys are getting ready at a separate location, you’ll want to have two separate boxes/baskets.

A few examples of details to remember:Grooms shoes detail photo

  • dress/wooden hanger
  • veil/head piece
  • rings (all in the same spot!)
  • shoes
  • program
  • invitation suite
  • bouquet
  • garter
  • something old, something new
  • borrowed & blue
  • jewelry
  • perfume
  • tie & clip
  • cuff links
  • boots

Wedding ring detail photoYour Jewels

The last step will help often with this reminder, but just in case I’ll cover it again anyway: Remember not to put your jewelry on until after your dress! We want to capture you slipping in those earrings and having mom or maid of honor help secure your bracelet while your dress is already on.

You’ll also want to remember to keep all the rings in one place, whether that’s with you or your partner. That way your photographer doesn’t have to run from room to room to find all the rings!

With these tips in mind going into your big day, hopefully you’ll feel a bit more collected and confident that everything is running smoothly and exactly as you wanted! All reminders aside, the best way to feel assured is to have a team on your side for the big day who are on your side and covering everything – even things you might have forgotten!

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