March 24, 2017

Melissa & LaRae with Sweet Kiwi Cookies | Grand Junction Wedding BakerHi y’all! Melissa and LaRae here with Sweet Kiwi based in Grand Junction. We are just too excited to be here today and chat with you lovelies about dessert displays!

Dessert displays, dessert tables, dessert bars…you say tomato I say tomato (Wow! That does not work so well in written form) but y’all get the idea, right? Basically we are talking about an assortment of sweet treats for the guests at your event. We personally book a lot of these during the wedding season. Trends are favoring smaller cutting cakes, thus opening up the option for more of an assortment to serve your guests. We love, love, LOVE this idea for so many reasons! More variety keeps everyone happy. Food allergies? We can fix that! Want a show-stopping display? Having a table full of delectable delights always makes a statement.

Moody Black Autum Wedding Dessert Table | Sweet Kiwi and

But where do you start? We know it can be overwhelming! We know because we were overwhelmed when we first started planning. So here are a few things we have learned (sometimes the hard way) along the way.

BudgetMoody Black Autum Wedding Dessert Table | Sweet Kiwi and

It really helps to have a general idea of your budget. There are tons and tons of choices when it comes to what desserts to serve. But not all desserts are priced equally. If you have a number in mind, it will help the decision process and set some boundaries for what to expect.

Number of guests

Moody Black Autum Wedding Dessert Table | Sweet Kiwi and amanda.matilda.photographyKnowing how many guests you need to serve will determine how many desserts you need. In our experience each guest will take 2-3 items from the table. So if you have 100 guests, you need a minimum of 200 dessert items. This is where you have more freedom in your choices.  Every guest does NOT need EVERY item.  In other words, you don’t need 100 cupcakes and 100 cookies and 100 cheesecakes. Just make sure you have at least 200 items.


If you are serving dinner or appetizers it is safer to plan on 2 items per person. If you are serving desserts only you will need to plan on 3-5 items per guest. Also as a courtesy to your guests please inform them that this is a sweets only event. Your guests will be much happier if they come fed and not expecting a meal.

ChildrenPoached Pear moody wedding dessert tables | Sweet Kiwi &

If littles will be in attendance, it is nice to think of them in the planning process. Cake pops with sprinkles and mini funfetti cupcakes make a great option and attract little hands, leaving some of the more sophisticated treats to the grown ups. Also we offer paint-your-own cookies. These are a great option if you have an area for the kiddos. Not only is this a sweet activity to keep them occupied while mom and dad are taking photos or sneaking away for a quick dance, but it’s also a great snack when they are all done decorating!

Food allergies

We offer a lot of gluten free options as well as nut free and even a few sugar free items for those with allergies or dietary restrictions/preferences. We have even catered to the vegan diet. You can choose just a few of these items and have them clearly labeled or just make the entire spread gluten free. This will allow those guests who normally have to struggle with what items they can eat to just relax and know that whatever they choose will be safe.

Moody Black Autum Wedding Dessert Table | Sweet Kiwi and amanda.matilda.photographyFavorites

What are your favorite desserts? Cheesecake or macaroons? Or maybe you just know that special guest (Grandma Great) really LOVES apple pie.  Make sure to add a few of those treats that you just can’t live without or you know would make Grandma’s day.  We offer all your favorites in tiny bites so you can enjoy that cheesecake or apple pie without having to cut pieces and not having enough room for the other sweets on the table.

Moody Black Autum Wedding Dessert Table | Sweet Kiwi and amanda.matilda.photographyMost of our dessert tables are anchored with a cutting cake. Whether that be a tall naked cake with fresh flowers or a smaller version of the traditional tiered cake, the true statement piece and the final detail to a perfect dessert table is that cake! We love talking with brides about their vision and making that dream a reality. Pinterest is great but can become overwhelming. Choose a few of your favorite cakes and talk with us about what you like/dislike. From there we can discuss options that will give you the cake you have been dreaming of!

One last fun option for your guests’ is our personalized cookies. These make great favors or place settings for your guests. We can customize them to the colors of your event and add guest’s names or something personal like your monogram or wedding date.

Y’all! We could probably go on and on because this is just something that we absolutely love to do and are passionate about! Every couple and every wedding is different. Please schedule a consultation/tasting to discuss the details of your dessert display. Our mission is to make this as personal and customized for you and your special day!

Thank you guys for stopping by and checking out what we had to share. And thank you Amanda for having us. You are just the sweetest!

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