June 2, 2016

Whether you are booking me to be your wedding photographer and using the included engagement session, or just celebrating this new step in your relationship on its own, I love capturing engagements and I want to help you get the most out of your session!

Planning Your Engagement Session:

Once you book with me we will begin planning your engagement session. There are a few key points that will help us get the most out of your session!

  1. Location
    Bridal portraits and engagement sessions are best when accompanied by a location with personality. Anywhere you and your significant other love to go, have some history, or vistas that reflect your soul are perfect! Try to think beyond the norm.coffee shop engagement | colorado couples photographer
  2. Style Tips
    While it’s important for the two of you to look good together,it’s equally important not to be “too matchy.” You don’t want to end up on Awkward Family Photos! Mix a nice solid outfit with a fun texture or pattern in a similar color. Try pairing outfits with complementary colors.Vail Village in winter | Engagement photographer
Top 3 Reasons I include engagement sessions in my wedding collections:
  1. It’s great to practice before the wedding day!
    For me, I want the portrait process to be as easy going as possible on your big day, and so having some time to work on posing together as well as get a feel for your tastes and preferences before the big day is essential to the process.german shepherd engagement session | grand junction colorado
  2. You learn to trust me.
    Trust and understanding is so essential to my relationships with my clients and when my clients see that I understand them, and that I know how to make them look fantastic in their photos, we can get down to the business of making beautiful photos.Palisade Engagement photographer
  3. It’s a lot of fun!
    Engagement photos are a great excuse to put aside the stress of planning a wedding and just enjoy one another and have some fun together. And you get to use the photos for save-the-date cards, guest books and other pre-wedding items to make your special day even better! We recommend doing your engagement session as soon as you can, but no later than a few months before the wedding if you’ll be using the photos for your save the dates! Doing them earlier rather than later keeps things from piling up on your to-do list, and you still have all the excitement of the proposal working for you through the shoot!

If you found these tips helpful be sure to Pin the image below and share it with your newly engaged friends!

Planning your engagement session | Vail Colorado Engagement Photographer

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  1. Camille Landry says:

    These are amazing, Amanda!!! Thank you so much! <3

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