Last fall I had the opportunity to photograph my first elopement. the vows | colorado elopement photographySince then I’ve photographed a couple more, and I must say…I’m in love! As I’m planning my own elopement, I’m finding that a lot of other couples on the Grand Valley and Colorado Western Slope are falling in love with elopements too. How we express our love varies from person to person! Why should you stuff yourself into someone else’s expectations of how to express love?

I’ve seen some really neat ideas for elopements–things like wilderness weddings with a few friends at a remote spot in the mountains, exchanging emotional vows in a park cabin, or a whole weekend retreat with loved ones! The possibilities, much like wedding planning, are endless.

Regardless of how you two are declaring your committed love for one another, photographs are still such an important part of that moment! It’s been really hard to find someone in the area to photograph smaller ceremonies, elopements, or even receptions only. the vows | colorado elopement photographyI’m here to offer Grand Junction a flexible, easy solution for you to get those photographs of your nontraditional weddings!

I am a lover of love. In all its forms.

So whether you’re just going to the courthouse to sign the papers, having a small ceremony in the mountains, or maybe you’re already married and just having a reception! That’s awesome. Let’s do this!

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